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Mediation is an inexpensive, confidential method of dispute resolution that avoids going down the path of lawyers, the court system, lengthy periods of dispute and high levels of stress. It is a way for both parties to settle their dispute using an unbiased third party who assists the parties to achieve an outcome acceptable to all.


  • Help both parties identify core issues for resolution.
  • Clarify points of high emotion that can hinder agreement.
  • Calm a situation that has escalated too far to be resolved without assistance.

Over 85% of disputes are able to be resolved with mediation. It is not unusual to be able to gain an agreeable resolution in one to three sessions.

Unlike a confrontation between legal advisers, mediation is more focussed on reaching an understanding between all parties. Mediators assist both sides by creating an environment where everyone can express themselves in a mutually respectful manner and communicate on a level playing field.

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Mediation Services throughout the North Island

Mediation services have become a popular method of resolving all kinds of disputes. Whether the dispute is marital, a business conflict, an employment issue or a dispute between friends or family, we can help you resolve the issues and move on.

We now offer alternative dispute resolution services by using the LEADR mediation process. Mediation has a success rate of reaching an agreement of around 85%, much better than an expensive legal process where often there is a winner and a loser.

Using a mediation service can also be significantly cheaper than going through a costly legal process where both parties may hire lawyers, end up in court and lose, not only financially but also their time and any remaining goodwill.

Murray Broadbelt is a LEADR Accredited Panel Member and can undertake mediations throughout the North Island as well as from our Whangarei base. Mediate North is a division of Broadbelt & Associates.

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